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Welcome to the Compass Point online store


Making a purchase could not be easier. Just browse our store and click on any items that you wish to buy and put them into your shopping basket. After you have finished your selection, click on "Checkout" and you will be asked for the few details that we will need to be able to satisfy your order.

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BMC British Mountain Map BMC British Mountain Map
Ref: bin C17

Scale 1:40k using Harveys superb mapping

The most durable map yet of some of the UK's best outdoor activity areas

Printed on tear resistant waterproof plastic sheet

Hill & valley colour shading

Detailed crag info for Climbers

Lakes map has 1:20k enlargements of Scafell, Gable, Bowfell, Langdale Pikes & Pillar.

Contains loads of useful advice and info. 

Web price: 13.00



Exploring the Nature CD - rom Exploring the Nature CD - rom
Ref: bin C9

Learn map reading, compass use, navigation techniques & tactics with this CD rom

Test your skills with an orienteering game 

Web price: 9.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


Exploring Nature - Navigation book Exploring Nature - Navigation book
Ref: 91-88940-46-2 bin C1

A good guide to map reading, compass use, navigation techniques and tactics.

Plenty of illustrations & examples

100 pages 

Web price: 9.00


An Introduction to Trail & Fell Running An Introduction to Trail & Fell Running
Ref: 1-905444-11-7 bin C5

This booklet takes the newcomer to this, the most rewarding & natural of all the athletics disciplines, & guides them through their baptism of off-road running.

Format: A5 portrait

Pages: 68 incl photos & illustrations

Author: Keven Shevels 

Web price: 6.99


Uphill Techniques for Off-Road Runners Uphill Techniques for Off-Road Runners
Ref: 1-905444-13-3 bin C6

Whether you orienteer, trail or fell run, one of the crucial aspects that effects your performance is the ability to run well uphill.

With the correct conditioning & techniques, running uphill can become a very useful tool, this guide will show you how to prepare physically, the techniques to practice & how to construct a training programme that will improve your uphill running.

Format: A5 portrait

Pages: 52 incl photos & illustrations

Author: Keven Shevels 

Web price: 5.99


Terrain Training for Off Road Runners Terrain Training for Off Road Runners
Ref: 1-905444-23-6 bin C6
This book explores the different types of terrain you will encounter as an off road runner. The techniques for adapting your style of running to this environment and the safety aspects needed as well as presenting a number of training patterns to enhance your abilities.

Format: A5 portrait

Pages: 84 incl photos & illustrations

Author:Stuart Ferguson 

Web price: 9.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Mountain Navigation, Peter Cliff Mountain Navigation, Peter Cliff
Ref: ISBN 1-871890-55-1

The definitive instructional work for anyone who wants to navigate in the mountains

This was one of the first navigation books I had as a teenager, I still refer to it from time to time!

Updated to include the topic of GPS

A5 format

Colour map extracts included

Over 70,000 copies sold since it's first publication in the late 1970's 

Web price: 7.00


Start Orienteering Series Start Orienteering Series
Ref: MBOKSO-x bin C2

A series of books for teachers.

No previous knowledge of orienteering is assumed.

A first class resource when teaching orienteering to any age group.

Well illustrated

Book 1. 6 - 8 year olds

Book 2. 8 - 9 year olds

Book 3. 9 - 10 year olds

Book 4. 10 - 12 year olds 

Web price: 5.00


Book Number
  • Book 1   
  • Book 2   
  • Book 3   
  • Book 4   

Orienteering - What's that? Orienteering - What's that?
Ref: 41033 bin C 1

Covers every aspect of the sport.

How to handle compass & map together

Map making, course setting & how to organise a competition

Lots of illustrations and examples.

Editor: Göran Andersson

Publisher: PWT

Format: A5 portrait

Pages: 100 

Web price: 5.00


Orienteering in Schools & Outdoor Centres Orienteering in Schools & Outdoor Centres
Ref: ISBN 978185137 binC2
Orienteering book for teachers (which replaces the book Orienteering in the National Curriculum key stage 1 to 3)

This is the best resource currently available for teachers of orienteering as an outdoor & adventurous activity in schools & outdoor centres. It offers best practice based on the authors' long experience of teaching the sport:- Derek Allison, Director of coaching, British orienteering.

16 practical lesson plans

Fully illustrated with photos, maps & diagrams

Introduction to orienteering in the curriculum

Glossary & resources

Full colour throughout

Author: Carol McNeill, Glynn Roberts 

Web price: 13.00


Teaching Orienteering Teaching Orienteering
Ref: 0-88011-804-0 bin C2

Web price: 16.00


Trail Orienteering Trail Orienteering
Ref: ISBN1851370900 binC2

Author Anne Braggins

Trail orienteering is a superb outdoor activity for many people with disabilities.

The book steers you through the many aspects of this exciting sport from participation and what you can expect to be doing, through to technical points for organisers and planners.

* What is orienteering

* Getting started

* Permanent courses

* Competitive trail orienteering

* Notes for organisers & planners

* Mapping conciderations

* Types of disability & disability awareness 

Web price: 6.00


Orienteering in the National Curriculum key stage 3 & 4 Orienteering in the National Curriculum key stage 3 & 4
Ref: ISBN1851370102 binC2

New edition now available

Authors Peter Palmer, Britains first director of coaching & Carol McNeill who has orienteered in competitions at the highest level representing Britain many times. As a teacher of physical education in a lake district school she has unrivalled experiance in intra & extra curricular orienteering with children.

* How orienteering relates to the national curriculum.

* Programmes of study

* Lesson plans

* Indoor activities

* Assessment within the national curriculum

* Orienteering beyond the school

* Development

A4 paperback.


Web price: 13.00


Orienteering Techniques - SOA Orienteering Techniques - SOA
Ref: bin C1

New colour edition published 2012

Technical advise to help orienteers of all abilities.

This will help beginners avoid some of the pitfalls in orienteering.

Covers rough & fine orienteering techniques helping you to find the control in the shortest time.

Author: Gareth Bryan-Jones, a coach, controller and competitor since the early seventies.

Publisher: Scottish Orienteering Association.

Format: A5 portrait

Pages: 44 

Web price: 6.00


Control pictorial Description Card Control pictorial Description Card
Ref: bin C12

Handy sized reference for Orienteering pictorial descriptions

Double sided

Size: 60mm wide * 90mm deep (folded) 

Web price: 1.50


Control Descriptions IOF Control Descriptions IOF
Ref: bin T 9-10

A5 format definitive reference to IOF pictorial descriptions - New 2004 edition

Clearly shows what the control feature will look like on the map as well as in the terrain

Superb little sketches bring the pictorial description to life.

A must for all orienteers wanting to cut down there time on the run heading for a control

Price A5 booklet £5.00

Price A4 sheet ***Descriptions also available as a single A4 sheet £0.75 



Fifty Years Running Fifty Years Running

A history of the Lake District Mountain Trial

Illustrated with photos & maps

Published: August 2002

Format: A5 portrait

Pages: 68 

Web price: 5.00


Orienteering theme greeting card Orienteering theme greeting card
Ref: card
Assorted designs

Design may vary from that shown 

Web price: 1.80 (Including VAT at 20%)


Running Orienteer Car Window Sticker Running Orienteer Car Window Sticker
Ref: bin C10

Square adhesive sticker for car window

Orange/white orienteering kite design with runner holding map 

Web price: 1.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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