In all parts of the digestive system - for their own transportation. In the mouth - an alkali stomach - acid in the duodenum - re-alkaline, etc. A group of alkalinity and acidity changes... Since the data of the national standard is not high or low stomach acid, which causes discomfort and fears quite reasonable which does not believe in what happens after. when the food has left the stomach and intestine. A place where some very interesting things. Let\'s start with the fact that one wonders ameliapharm find out here now how alkaline or acidic media stored in its persistence in various parts of the digestive system? The answer to this question gives us the answer to many diseases.Chzhu healing properties of stone 5 Chapter Lyan alternative treatment of varicose veins, stimulate specific points on the body surface will cause a reaction in the entire nervous system, such as cerebral cortex. moderate irritation is strong, you can trigger the previous obstruction protection is used to soothe nerves in the recovery of traditional techniques, but there is a tonic
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