l. honey, 2 cups water.61.22 - cavity recipe (capillary) - sensitive point is generally at the end of the legs and sometimes fingers. Kreolina coat, a solid carboxylic acid solution or steamed in hot water in the upper layer of the skin is behind the white meat. It is necessary to cut the skin behind. Meat under the skin are a part of the deep hole. Sulemu, carbolic acid, or both: using a syringe of a child to pour the disinfectant. Solutions and other pus read here voltaren through the opening. Meanwhile, the body of a remote location (eg, elbow) as, and could push you gradually closer to the wound itself. Rinse until one of the holes so that no gap, namely ate a piece of meat to shoot. The disease of the causative agent - but you may be able to see the most beautiful hair countless living with the naked eye. The pain, the need for repeat tumor washing disappears on the second day, was arrested after the first wash.
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