Myocardial infarction, despite the fact that the new work being postrekonvalestsentsii, at greater risk of ischemic heart disease patients are still the group. These people, who need special treatment, the most important place should be given to secondary prevention. It is not well understood, but does not use the methods extensively and long-term maintenance treatment of clinical inspection of patients with myocardial infarction. Medical care is the fundamental and systematic observation for the people of the stage, the definition and tamoxifen buy without prescription fair treatment of postkonvalestsentnoy disorders. The purpose of this work is to answer the questions of the doctor to see the patient in the process of postkonvalestsentnoy. ? Education in schools. Educational programs to warn about the dangers of smoking, starting from primary school, should be expanded and strengthened throughout the school system. My being smoking habit, smoking can be a life for education, you need to be aware of it is a bad example for the children\'s parents, teachers,
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